Our Story

2012 was a hot summer in London. The Olympics were in town, and above a pub down a backstreet in Shoreditch, I was slicing the first steak, for the first Flat Iron guest ever. I had spent nine months working through a list of 38 different suppliers trying to find the right beef.

Traditionally, eating steak at a restaurant was always for exclusive, special occasions, if at all, and was often hit and miss. My mission was and is to make remarkable steak available to everyone.

During my nine months of beef research I taught myself how to butcher and discovered that little known secondary cuts from the very best beef could be exceptionally tasty but reasonably affordable…the democratisation of great steak.

I didn’t know if my idea of great steak for everyone would get people excited. To my amazement, by the second week, the queue went down the stairs.

There have been many twists and turns since then, with a huge community of committed individuals working together to try and achieve a common goal.

Remarkable steak, accessible to all, passionate people and love. It’s where we started, where we are and where we firmly hope to stay.

Charlie Carroll, Founder

Remarkable steak, accessible to all, passionate people and love.