Our Story

2012 was a hot summer in London. The Olympics were in town, and above a pub down a backstreet in Shoreditch, I was slicing the first steak, for the first Flat Iron guest ever. I had spent nine months working through a list of 38 different suppliers trying to find the right beef.

Traditionally, eating steak at a restaurant was always for exclusive, special occasions, if at all, and was often hit and miss. My mission was and is to make remarkable steak available to everyone.

During my nine months of beef research I taught myself how to butcher and discovered that little known secondary cuts from the very best beef could be exceptionally tasty but reasonably affordable…the democratisation of great steak.

I didn’t know if my idea of great steak for everyone would get people excited. To my amazement, by the second week, the queue went down the stairs.

There have been many twists and turns since then, with a huge community of committed individuals working together to try and achieve a common goal.

Remarkable steak, accessible to all, passionate people and love. It’s where we started, where we are and where we firmly hope to stay.

Remarkable steak, accessible to all, passionate people and love.

Our Herd

In the same year I set up Flat Iron, I travelled to Thirsk, Yorkshire, to meet third-generation beef farmer Charles Ashbridge.

We got talking about what breed, feed and husbandry could make the best beef anyone had ever tried. This sparked the thought that if we had our own herd of cattle, together with Charles’ experience, we could experiment and learn everything about how to breed and raise the best cattle. Today our herd numbers about 40 head, give or take. Using rare and traditional breeds leading a longer stress-free life, we strive to produce the best beef we possibly can.

Our Suppliers

These are some of the many producers we are proud to be working with:

Charles Ashbridge

Charles is a third generation beef farmer from Yorkshire. As well as caring for the Flat Iron herd he also supplies us with exceptional native breed cattle from his own herd.



Natoora have created a radical new approach to food supply. They source seasonal produce through a network of low intervention and organic farmers who produce exceptionally high-quality fruit and vegetables across the UK and beyond.


Philip Warren

Family-owned and operated, Warrens are unique in the industry because they are both farmers and butchers and have an exceptional reputation. They select and finish only the very best of the local cattle including some reared by Philip and the family to supply some of London’s best restaurants.


Crosscliff Dexters

Pam has a small herd of pedigree Dexter cattle and Flat Iron gets first pick (and usually take it all!). She insists on only supplying Flat Iron from early summer through to autumn so her cattle can finish on the best quality grass.


Lyons Hill Farm

Mark Leatham is wildly passionate about producing his own grass-fed, genuine, native rare-breed beef. He has a small herd of exceptional White Park cattle in Dorset and works closely with other producers of this famous breed.


Estate Dairy

A collective of young passionate producers dedicated to producing the highest quality milk and cream. All the milk comes from pedigree Jersey and Guernsey cattle giving it a unique golden colour and a rich flavour.


Ice Cream Union

Alex and his team are focused on only producing the highest quality ice cream by sourcing only the best ingredients. This may be milk from the Estate Dairy, Sicilian oranges or making their own honeycomb.