Tottenham Ct Rd

9 Denmark Street
London WC2H 8LS


A place dripping with history. Built in the late 1600s, over the years it’s had many different lives including as a weaver’s studio. Then in the 60s Denmark Street became known as London’s Tin Pan Alley and the Giaconda Café at number 9 became the place where musicians would hang out. David Bowie met his first backing group in the same space where Flat Iron at La Giaconda now sits and everyone from The Kinks to Stevie Wonder to Jimi Hendrix recorded music in the street, as commemorated by the blue plaque that sits above our restaurant.

With this space, just like with our restaurant in Beak Street, we knew that all we needed to do was to peel off the layers and reveal its nature. The skylight at the back inspired us to create the feeling of a conservatory and started our persistent obsession with plants.