41-45 The Cut
London SE1 8LF

SUN-TUE 12:00-22:00

Our 10th London restaurant!

Situated opposite The Young Vic theatre on The Cut, between Waterloo and Southwark stations, this charming three-shop-fronted site draws inspiration from traditional dining rooms and Victorian butcher shops.

Reclaimed oak floors, tiled walls and beautiful vintage pieces are mixed with recognizable Flat Iron features such as oak tables, warm lighting and generous planting. Besides the three main rooms, this restaurant also has a Private Dining Room that can accommodate 10 people and a large outdoor terraace.

Flat Iron Waterloo will offer all Flat Iron classics, from our signature Flat Iron steak to creamed spinach and beef drippings chips, a short but considered wine  and beer list, cocktails and, to finish off, our soft serve ice cream.

The Carcass Club

When: Wednesday 22nd May 

Where: Flat Iron London Bridge and Waterloo

£20pp for steak, beef dripping chips and sauce. Walk in guests only – it’s first come, first served, so just ask for the Carcass Club on arrival.

The Carcass Club is an opportunity to try some of the rarest and most exceptional beef, straight from our Covent Garden butchery.

For May’s event, our Head of Beef, Fred, has sourced a White Park carcass from Lyons Hill Farm in Dorset. Unlike most breeds of cattle, the origins of White Park can be traced back many hundreds of years to the wild white cattle that once roamed the forests of Europe. Despite the challenges of the last thousand years, White Park are still grazing these lands, however the breed is incredibly rare; the animals are small and slow maturing, meaning they do not suit commercial farming where large, fast-growing breeds are preferred. White Park prefer to graze well-established pasture, rich in mixed grasses, wild herbs and flowers. This slow-growing nature, combined with a varied diet, produces beef with a wonderfully complex, deep flavour.

Fred maintains that this is some of the most interesting beef he’s ever tasted – we’re thrilled to be able to share it with you.